Pregnancy Acupuncture is available at Birch Wellness, Bowen Island.

What to expect:

Arrive a few minutes early to fill out an intake form.  After the intake we will take you into a private room and go over your health history and pregnancy.  The acupuncturist will check your pulses and tongue and complete a diagnosis. 

Treatments are in the examination rooms and are quite comfortable.  Prop yourself up with a bunch of pillows and bring an iPod to listen to your favorite music or enjoy a little peace and quiet.  

Acupuncture in pregnancy is gaining in popularity among OB's and Midwives because it offers relief to conditions you can not normally take anything for.  Such as headaches, allergies, back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, PUPPPS, acid reflex, stress, anxiety, insomnia, hemorrhoids.

Here we also offer Labour Preparation Acupuncture.  Studies have shown that getting acupuncture weekly from 36-37 weeks on can help to:

  • Reduce medical inductions

  • Lower rates of cesarean sections

  • Overall increase in vaginal deliveries

Please wear comfortable clothing and make sure to eat and make sure you drink water before you arrive. 

Treatments are 40-60 min long including consultations.

Receipts are issued after each treatment.  Acupuncture sessions may be covered by your extended health care provider or MSP Premium Assistance.  Direct Billing available to some extended health care providers.